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Recommended use:CyclingDimensions (outer):integrated: x 41 / 41.8 mm; Overall height: 11.95 mm; top: 11.3 mm; underneath: 0.65 mmWeight:58 gMaterial:AluminiumExtras:sealed industrial bearingItem No.:875-0208..
$16.50 $29.00
Recommended use:CyclingMaterial type:aluminium, plasticAttachment:Direct mounting on dropoutMisc:Hole spacing 18mm; Heavy-duty stands (e-bikes)Item No.:860-2079..
$9.50 $17.00
Recommended use:CyclingMaterial type:polyamideAttachment:Clamp for 22.2 mm handlebarsMisc:360° adjustable mirror head; Clear lens made of safety glassItem No.:860-2086..
$10.50 $19.00
Recommended use:CyclingMaterial type:steelAttachment:KLICKfix or BasEasy mountDimensions (outer):25 x 34 x 28 cm (L x W x H)Extras:reflective detailsIncludes:incl. adapter plateMisc:Soft Grip handle; height adjustableItem No.:860-2190..
$16.50 $29.00
Recommended use:CyclingMaterial type:steelAttachment:Racktime adapter plate (included in delivery)Dimensions (outer):45 x 31 x 22 cm (L x W x H)Extras:reflective detailsMisc:Supporting feet; Soft Grip handleItem No.:860-2185..
$33.50 $57.00
Recommended use:Mountain bike, CyclingMaterial type:aluminiumItem No.:860-2594..
$12.50 $22.00
Recommended use:Cycling, Mountain bike, BikepackingMaterial type:aluminium, plasticAttachment:on the chain stayMisc:Fully suitableItem No.:860-2072..
$7.50 $14.00
Recommended use:CyclingMaterial type:steelAttachment:Basil-WSL attachment systemDimensions (outer):45 x 31 x 22 cm (L x W x H)Extras:reflective detailsIncludes:incl. attachment systemItem No.:860-2186..
$25.50 $44.00
Recommended use:Cycling, Mountain bikeMaterial type:aluminiumClamp diameter:25.4 mmItem No.:860-2595..
$12.50 $22.00
Recommended use:CyclingMaterial type:aluminiumMisc:precise adjustment with dial; wheel size: 26-28 inchItem No.:860-1858..
$6.50 $11.00
Recommended use:CyclingMaterial type:polyamide, stainless steelAttachment:on the side; Inner diameter of handlebar: 16-22.2mmDimensions (outer):Ø 62mmItem No.:860-1911..
$9.50 $16.00
Recommended use:CyclingMaterial type:steelAttachment:fixed mountDimensions (outer):45 x 34 x 28 cm (L x W x H)Extras:reflective detailsMisc:Height individually adjustable when mountingItem No.:860-2189..
$15.50 $27.00
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